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Mission Statement

The mission of the Grand Rapids Public Schools Shared Time Program is to provide services to nonpublic school children, that mirror the services provided in the public schools, that are not based in religion. These services are part of a Supreme Court decision that allows services in the areas of Music, Art, Spanish, Physical Education, and Technology.

Points of Pride

Teachers in the Shared Time Program have received over 12 awards and grants during the past 10 years. These include: a Fulbright Scholar, ATA Champions, MACUL Grant Winners, Excellent in Education Award for GR Foundation, Best Buy Grant Winners, MI Champions , TAP Awards, MEEMIC grant, and GRPS Studying Abroad program.

Provided Services

GRPS provides itinerate teachers that service over 35 non-public school programs. State of Michigan Standards and Curriculum are employed to instruct students in the areas of Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish and Technology. GRPS teachers take attendance, report progress to both the host schools and to the program director. Teachers participate in parent teacher conferences and are governed by the GRPS teaching GLEC's and GRPS contract.

Physical Education

All K-12 PE staff are certified in PE and/or Health and foster programs within schools to help promote healthy lifestyles. Students are introduced to exercise, sports, and healthy eating. P.E. teachers follow the State of Michigan PE Standards . These standards are available at,1607,7-140-28753_38684_29234---,00.html


Students learn about the natural world through their senses and within a social world through interactions with family members, peers, and the community at large. (Efland) Students organize their world on the basis of common attributes. Art instruction encourages the mind's efforts and perceptions through hands on visual medium.. Shared Time Art teachers are part of the GRPS Art department and meet with fellow art teachers to support the curriculum of the GRPS Art department. Please see


GRPS embraces the State content standards that encourage children to both create and perform in the areas of music and dance. Music is also used as a tool to support academic achievement in other area recognizing the fact that many students are able to learn and retain information through the medium of song and instrument. The working content standards for the arts are available at:


Technology instruction strives to provide the tools that students need to enhance academic achievement, creativity and problem solving. GRPS uses both the National ISTE Standards, (NETS) The State Of Michigan  Standards  (METS) and the GRPS Technology Curriculum to provide instruction in the areas of:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
  • National Standards Available at:

    State  of Michigan Standards available at:

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